Charterstone Digital Edition

Charterstone is a competitive strategy game with high replayability where you must build your own vilage with up to 6 players and yes, they can join you online too on every campaign.

The physical board game of Charterstone was designed by Jamey Stegmaier. Acram and Mobo Studio developed this digital version for the Eshop, Steam and mobile platforms.

This was honestly a hard game for me to play. Monopoly and Chess being the only kind of board games I ever knew about, when I first played and read the manual of “Charterstone” with tons of rules and whole new mechanics I felt so overwhelmed during the first games that wasn’t easy to get into it at the start. Don’t get me wrong however, this game is amazing both in it’s design and concept but it will certainly take some time to get into for any newcomers to this genre like myself.


In this legacy type of game means that you will go through series of games during one campaign which at the end you will get your final score. Each campaign can easily last from 1 to 2 hours but the best thing about being digital is really that you can get back to it at anytime.

The Forever King has selected you and 3 other citizens to start a new village, choose any citizen and later unlock even more. Gather resources and build new buildings so your land gets the most reputation in the kingdom than any other.

One of the most important strategies in Charterstone is worker placement. During the whole campaign you will have them gather materials for you to build buildings with just so your village can please the king but that is not all! Your workes can also get you more reputation, influence and in the end, glory.

Also, you can and should use the buildings from other players to your benefit as well. But only when they aren’t already being used so you won’t help them retrieve their workers!

All of these mechanics are important to understand early on and it is a whole lot of information but you got nothing to worry, even if you are a newbie like me the rulebook included is very helpfull in introducing you to the amazing experience Charterstone is.


I can only imagine how good it must feel to have now music and sound effects while playing this digital version. Everything felt right and sound effects well used so you could know what was going on sometimes even without looking.


What I liked the most about “Charterstone” is the board and how it was designed. How each campaign was never the same giving you lots of replayability. With many diferent buildings to build each time your play style will change depending on what the other players build as well. There are so many strategies to get your score high to win.

I highly recommend Charterstone to everyone who wants to experience a new board game they never played before and I feel like those who have already played it on their living rooms will apreciate everything this digital version has added even more.

Thank you to the dear developers at Acram and Mobo Studio for entrusting us with this review.

Charterstone: Digital Edition









Gameplay - 9
Sound - 9
Graphics - 9
UI - 8
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Just a casual gamer looking for that next addiction of a game.

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