Duck Life Adventure

Yet another mobile game coming to the nintendo switch and a free one at that. Not free for the switch though and that always leaves me bitter.

The premise is about a young duckling that aspires to be an amazing and popular adventurer like Marco which he saw on TV. Unfortunately his mother was quick to say hell no to this naive dream of his but not giving up just yet he rushes out of his home into the streets and then into the sewers (go figure) to train himself up so one day he can become the greatest adventurer that ever was.


The map you get to explore with is really under the sewers for some reason but itvis large enough with things to keep you busy even after finishing the main quests. The overall gameplay is well deserving for your youngest child to enjoy but many things felt out of place for me as an adult and I was fustrated with how much it was either unfair or just bad level design on the multiple mini games that Duck Life Adventure offers. These will help you train so you will have to grind them a bit to level up your stats, sadly most of them were too boring for me. There was one I actually liked but the fixed speed and once again terrible level design had me more fustrated than ever.

Your main goal is to beat everyone at either fights or races or even both, there are tournaments that will have you really get those stats maxed if you really want to win it. Beat the mayor and then one day you might even match agaisnt Marco himself! This adventure will last you a couple of hours but if you really want to explore every corner and collect everything then double it.

Sound Design

Nothing bad worth mentioning, the tracks were all enjoyable especially the one during the fights, the sound effects were spot on plus the wacky speech of the ducks added to the cheerfull aspect of the game.


While it was a good time waster it is not worth the purchase in my humble opinion and If you are a fan of these duck series back on the Play Store then you must know this version wont satisfy you either. I can’t possibly recomend you to pay for this game but if you really want to give it a try please install it on your mobile device.

My kindest thanks to the developers at Wix Games for giving us a review copy of Duck Tales Adventure.

Mobile game port, just flash games with a short story.
  • Collectables
  • Funny
  • Unfair level design
Gameplay - 5
Graphics - 8
Game Design - 3
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Just a casual gamer looking for that next addiction of a game.

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