Funny Bunny Adventures

User Rating: 6.9

The bunny game without any bugs!

Funny Bunny Adventures is unmistakably, a joy to play. Players are assigned with guiding our furry friend through areas of flora and fauna , with each blank green space granting our bunny with planting carrot seeds until all seed plots are taken up.Volia! It’s then returning to each seed plot and collecting each newly grown juicy carrot, in order to finish the level.

Of course, if it was only that simple in later levels. Characters materialise that can either hinder or help you. Witches and Leprechauns can follow you and wipe you out should you get near them. There’s a warp pot that can transport you to the either side of the area should you need to. Stopwatches that can temporarily freeze enemies and a character that can send you into a sub mini game. Where you have to gather certain numbers of specific vegetables to complete, in a match 3 type setting.

Players then progress through a large map of different areas gaining stars for each level objective completed, with the next map unlocked after requiring a certain star amount. Collect enough carrots and you can also upgrade a skill tree of abilities turning your short hopping hare into a mega super bunny!

Overall, there’s plenty of content here in a very colourful and bright package. 2 skill levels includes a “kids level” where youngsters can play without much difficulty and a “Normal” level with plenty of powers, baddies and upgrades. This title has certainly surprised me with a lighthearted take on the classic Pac Man formula, but with added extras and content that makes each play engrossing, and more importantly.. a lot of Fun!

Recommended and a must buy for any youngsters in the family!

Thanks to Drageus Games for the code

A title for young and old. Many aspects of this game impress as levels get bigger with a wide range of enemies and power-ups. Value for money.
  • A fun take on Pac Man
  • Decent visuals
  • Lots of levels
  • Great to play
  • Mobile game style structure
Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 7
Value - 6.5
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