Infinite : Beyond the Mind

It’s a simple, 2D action side-scrolling platformer (boy that’s alot of genre words). where you control your character from the left to the right, fighting enemies and jumping over platform in the way.

There are two characters who pretty much plays the same, only different in how they looks. presented in a pixel art, however. the character model looks rather… silly. I’m not sure if that’s what the devs really intended to do. but i can never look at the character model and not at least snicker at the hilarity.

I mean… look at her eyes up there.

Each stages has different branching path you can take, whether you go above or on the ground. there are some secrets. but it’s not a must-replay moment. it only manages to make it slightly less repetitive.

However. I’m not sure why. the game feels too easy. your character moves fast. has dash, double jump. insane melee combo. the enemies are shooting lazily. even at the hardest difficulty it still feels way too easy. Especially when you can pretty much just dash over every single enemies and ignore them without fighting. the only time you’re forced to fighting is when you need to clear enemies in the screen.

The longer you play though, the more upgrades you unlock that makes your character feels more powerful than she already is. Weirdly. this is what makes the game feels fun for me. just feeling like an overpowered superhero anime character blasting and wiping out enemies easy. Thankfully the controls are responsive and you can do some fun speed maneuvers.

Each boss fight actually feels like an anime fight from a megaman game. which is something i always look forward to.

It’s a decently fun game. but i don’t feel it have enough replayability. So I’ll give it a 6.5/10. i just feels like it doesn’t earn a 7. but it’s not that bad to get a 6.

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