Mini Motor Racing X

By Don Robbins

Mini Motor Racing X for the Nintendo Switch is a colorful, cartoony auto racing game which offers a variety of customization options so that you can tweak the controls to your liking.

I’ll say that for the first couple hours I played this action game, I found the steering controls quite cumbersome and clunky in single-player until I went deep in the settings in Custom mode to change the configurations to my personal comfort level.

High energy game modes include Quick Race and Arcade (featuring Bumper Ball and Micro Motor). There are also Time Trial, Custom (my personal favorite), Co-Op and Career races to choose from. Meanwhile, the Options menu allows you to select from “Turn to Steer” or “Point to Steer” methods, slide the Sensitivity bar up and down, toggle Auto Accelerate on and off, and check out the Controller Setup. Within games, players can use the X button to change the view of their car and the entire track from close up to the windshield all the way to a birds-eye far view of the track. Games also allow you to change the speed of cars from Low, Medium or High.

As you play through many of the games, you’ll have to avoid stray tires strewn throughout the twisty tracks, in addition to trying to beat your competitors’ vehicles at the same time. The tires will impede your progress and slow your car down, causing you to lose precious time against your opponents.

Players can adjust the individual AI of each computer-controlled opponent in Custom races, which allows you to make the races as easy or challenging as you’d prefer. In Quick Race and Arcade modes the player can select sensitivity, handling and steering adjustments to improve the feel of zooming around the track among competing vehicles.

In most game modes, the player can also pick from three difficulty settings, like Easy, Normal and Difficult. Another aspect of Mini Motor Racing X is the ability to use weapons and speed boosters in the Type X mode to provide yourself with an advantage over your opponents. In addition, there is a mini game mode called Bumper Ball that’s like a big team-based soccer game, where you use your vehicle to push a large soccer ball into your opposing team’s (red or blue) goal net. No matter how I adjusted the settings in Bumper Ball, however, I never found the gameplay in that particular game to be precise enough for my satisfaction.

The in-depth career mode offers many cars to unlock and upgrade. It features championships to master and colorful tracks to conquer.

Other features of Mini Motor Racing X include online multiplayer with up to four friends or random players, as well as local career mode co-op.

The game shines in its graphics, which are bright and pleasing to the eye. Vibrantly colored palm trees, beach umbrellas and other interesting scenery can be spotted in the background as you careen around the challenging, twisted tracks.

Music within the game is suitably energetic and catchy for a racing game, but it can become jarringly repetitive at times. Thankfully, both the sound and music and be easily adjusted via sliders in the control settings.

Factoring in all the feverish but frustrating driving opportunities in the game, Mini Motor Racing X earns itself a score of 6.5 out of 10. You can also download a demo of this title prior to purchasing, so you can drive around with it a bit before you choose to buy.

Thank you to Publisher NEXTGENREALITY and Developer The Binary Mill for the review code.

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