Missile Command: Recharged

Missile Command: Recharged is a modern re-imagining of the 1980’s arcade classic, one of the earliest video games ever made that stood the test of time, and is very much enjoyable today as it was 40 years ago !

For years Missile Command has been ported to multiple platforms, with each iteration adding a little bit of flair to the original, and the 2020 “Recharged” release is the culmination of the previous efforts, to present the best version of this fan-favorite classic up to date.

Missile Command: Recharged is the same game you know and love, when you played it on the Atari 2600 in the 80’s you had six bases per level to defend from a plethora of incoming missiles, and you had one turret to shoot at and intercept the missiles, when you played it on the Nintendo GameBoy in the 90’s, this time you had two turrets to defend the six bases per level, and now the Nintendo Switch version has you controlling three turrets to defend the six bases, except this time it’s not wave-based gameplay, its endless bombardment by enemy missiles, smart missiles, carpet bombers, and more in a chaotic gameplay mess that is only a matter of time before the missiles get you. A battle of endurance, skill, and determination rather than what can only be described as “a walk in the park in comparison” that are the previous iterations.

But don’t worry, this time you’ve got powerups to even the odds, from bigger booms, to faster reloads and bullet travel speed, and even your destroyed bases, including your turrets, are rebuilt over time. Plus, you can use the Nintendo Switch touch screen to achieve some sniper-level on-point accurate hits. So the challenge is definitely more fair than brutal.

Missile Command: Recharged is a faster, bigger, and badder version of a fan-favorite that already has its place engraved in the video games hall of fame, this time at a faster pace, with enough modern touches to be in line with what players would expect from a modern title.

I enjoyed my time playing Missile Command: Recharged, and I rate this title a solid 8/10 !

Missile Command: Recharged is available on the Nintendo Switch eshop here

Special thanks to Atari for the review code

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