Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is a twin-stick shooter mixed with a rhythm game.  It’s a formula that really works!


The soundtrack of Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is certainly a highlight.  Several upbeat disco tunes propel you through each room of the dungeon.  This is definitely one to play with the sound on.

In addition to being fun and catchy, the songs are integral to the gameplay…


The gameplay of R.L.D.D. is groovy.  As mentioned previously, music is what makes the game flow.  Each enemy, obstacle, and equipable weapons has its own beat, which all blend together with the music nicely.

Because of the specific rhythms, this isn’t a twin-stick shooter that can be won by doing some run and gun.  The player must attune to the rhythm of their weapons and adjust to the flow of each new room.  Once the player accomplishes that, it’s just a matter of dancing and blasting their way through the dungeon.


The visuals in Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon are minimalist and basic, but the rainbow strobing effects (that go to the beat) do make the game pleasing to look at.  For some, the strobe may be too much, but the game does allow you to turn it off in the setting.


R.L.D.D. is less than a half hour long and, at $10, it’s hard to recommend.

The dungeons are randomly generated and technically change for each new playthrough.  However, even with the changing order, the individual rooms will begin to look familiar very quickly.

Thank you to Thalamus Digital for the review code! Buy the game here on the Nintendo eShop!

Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon is a fun, fist pumping, bite-sized adventure. However, even at its $10 price point, it’s a little too short to recommend.
  • Great Music
  • Fun and Challenging Gameplay
  • Very Short
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 7
Visuals - 7
Value - 5.5
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