The Dainslef Foldable Switch Pro Controller Clip

For Those Who Really Want To Use A Pro Controller In Handheld Mode For Some Reason.

Years ago, I would have loved to have an accessory like the Dainslef Foldable Pro Controller Clip. At the time, I had gone through four sets of Joycons within six months of owning my Switch. Three of them were replaced due to Joycon drift, and one set had a desync issue. I was aggravated, fed up and determined to either find an alternative to Nintendo Joycons, or sell my Switch all together. The first logical solution I could think of was to buy a Pro Controller, since the joysticks on those seemed much sturdier. However, I still preferred to play in handheld mode. In my mind I pictured an accessory that could somehow connect the Pro Controller to the Switch tablet. I searched online for something like this, but had no luck. Then I came across a neck harness that was meant to hold a phone so you could view it hands free. I used this to hold my Switch tablet while I played with my Pro Controller. It worked for a while, but I never dared to play it in public this way, because it honestly looked pretty silly. Eventually I discovered the Daemon X Machina Joycons by Hori, and they proved to be the ultimate solution for me. No more drifting, no more desyncing, everything worked beautifully for as long as I’ve owned them.

Today I’m looking at this Dainslef Foldable Pro Controller Clip before me, and I can’t help but feel like I’ve outgrown the concept behind this product.

It arrived to me in a compact, plain cardboard box. Inside was the product, folded into its smallest form and sealed inside a ziplock bag. The bag also contained two yellow rubber thumbstick caps.

Presentation was basic to say the least. But hey, free thumbstick caps.

The top section of the accessory holds the Switch tablet in place with a spring loaded clamp, which was easy enough to install. However, the bottom portion that held the controller took a bit of elbow grease to snap into place. In fact, I was afraid that I was going to break something as I struggled to push the tabs past the bottom lip of the Pro Controller’s face plate.

Once everything is snapped into place, the first thing you’ll notice is the weight. In the hands, this contraption feels awkwardly top heavy. I don’t think most people could play this way and not feel discomfort within half an hour. Even if this aspect didn’t bother you, it doesn’t help matters that in order to charge your Switch while playing, you had to almost tilt the Switch and controller back past the 180° line.

Charging your controller while playing is awkward too, but slightly less so. You’d have to bend the screen back first, insert the cable, then pull the screen forward and over the chord. An additional inconvenience I noticed was the difficulty in seeing the charging light on the Pro Controller while the accessory was attached. However, this can be mitigated by tilting the controller at a specific angle that allows some light to shine through.

See that tiny speck of orange? Yup. It’s charging.

Whether you are charging the Switch or the pro controller, your viewing angles will be severely limited due to the chord being in the way.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as the Dainslef Foldable Switch Pro Controller Clip does have some redeeming qualities. The product feels very durable and well made, and the fit and finish is impressive. When you are not charging the Switch or the Pro Controller, it allows for a myriad of viewing angles. There are two rotating joints on the accessory; one for rotating the Switch tablet, and the other for adjusting the controller angle. There is a button on each joint that you can depress to rotate the joints; release the buttons to lock them in place. Once your angles are locked in, they are secured tightly and will not shake loose. The joint holding the Switch tablet offers about seven different angles, while the bottom section offers twelve. When the accessory is not being used, it can be folded easily into a compact travel size.

At the end of the day, is this something that most gamers would need? Probably not, especially now that we have other alternatives to the Nintendo driftcons, such as the Daemon X Machina Joycons and the Ipega 9083 Switch controller. These devices work beautifully for handheld gaming, albeit not having any gyroscope or rumble functions. That being said, if you are one of the few Switch gamers that love to play in handheld mode, but also desires those funtions, the Dainslef Foldable Pro Controller Clip might be for you. For all other handheld gamers who have no problems living without those functions, this accessory is probably more trouble than it’s worth.

Special thanks to Suzy Lau for providing the product for review. To purchase the Dainslef Foldable Pro Controller Clip, visit

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