The Otterman Empire

By Don Robbins

There are a lot of things you really “otter know” about the new game called The Otterman Empire on the Nintendo Switch. For starters, this is a third-person shooter party game. It offers a four-person co-op campaign setting and a single-player mode. Players can choose to blast it out in a player versus player setting. A player can also select from several different characters to control and customize their appearance.

Definite strengths of The Otterman Empire are its awesome animated graphics and the sound. Your flying, jetpack wearing otter hero and the villains within the world of The Otterman Empire are extremely well-drawn and the colors are vibrant.  Graphics are top-notch, reminiscent of old PS1 3D Platformers like Crash Bandicoot, etc. I also love the innovative way that your character replenishes its energy by dipping into pools of water. (like a real otter oughta do).

The game lacks online multiplayer capability, which I believe it could benefit from. Regarding the gameplay in single-player mode, there is a limited playing field before you start walking into the scenery and can’t move anymore, so I yearned for a bit of a more open world feel to the movement aspect.

In addition, the enemies that you are supposed to be shooting at with your blaster are high above you in the sky and are tiny in size. I feel the game would have benefitted from enemies that were a tad bigger and closer to your line of sight since you are also faced with a main mission of accomplishing tasks in a limited time frame to progress through the levels. Enemies can also hit you with energy tracking beams that slow your character down, but not kill you.

Adding up the pros and cons of The Otterman Empire leads to it earning a 6.8 out of 10 score.

Thank you to Publisher/Developer Tri-Heart Interactive for the review code.

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