Ultra Hat Dimension

Looking for a cute puzzle game that will bring you back to pixelated dungeons and upbeat music? Ultra Hat Dimension may be the perfect short-but-sweet title to satisfy this craving. It isn’t a deep title by any means— it simply delivers a lighthearted puzzle.


The game is straight-forward— you control a girl who won a hat competition and then… gets stuck progressing through Spluff Palace to ultimately defeat your arch-nemesis “Fab” who put a curse over the land, causing mayhem to ensue? The story is mostly told through a one-line script between levels. This makes it difficult to follow. However, while confusing, it did not feel important enough to distract from the game. The puzzles were generally not too difficult, with a good handful that had me resetting a few times. Figuring out the solutions was an enjoyable experience. For me, this is a great game for killing time. It does not have a deep storyline, and will probably not leave you playing for hours, but it does have its own charm.

You play through five worlds where the aesthetics will slightly vary from world to world. The final stage has some variation of a “boss” battle where you will use the same mechanics as the rest of the game to solve.


The controls are easy to pick up— you use hats and the punching mechanics of the “Spluff” to navigate through the level, acquiring a key and making it do the door. This often requires you to move the Spluff to certain positions and don specific hats in order to achieve the object. Unless you are wearing the same hat as the Spluff, you will get punched back within walking too close. You can also push Spluff together to get them to punch each other or get in “fights” which disable their punches to you. There are many ways you can beat the level, which allows some creativity in coming to your solution. As you progress through the worlds, the levels will become more complex.


The graphics are pixelated with an aesthetic pastel palate, which feels reminiscent of an old-school title, perhaps something I would’ve played on a Gameboy. For a puzzle game such as this one, it works. The music is fun and entertaining, however the sound effects of the continuous “POW” by the blobs will get annoying. In some instances, the animation was also off-screen, so you could only hear the sound effects.


Overall, this is a fun and quirky title. It’s definitely something to pick up as a time-killer, as it offers just enough challenge to be entertaining for short bursts, without becoming too frustrating.

Special thanks to Ratalaika Games for the review code!

You can find Ultra Hat Dimension on the eShop now.

Ultra Hat Dimension













  • Short and sweet
  • Challenging
  • Cute aesthetics


  • Confusing story
  • Repetitive sound effects

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