Trailer Trashers: Shotgun Sports

Trailer Trashers is a four player party action / sports game, a collection of game modes ranging from your typical deathmatch to more creative modes like shotgun soccer, think Mario Party but with guns and gore !

FIFA doesnt approve …

The premise of this game is simple, you compete in different arenas across several game modes using shotguns and other weapons whose bullets always ricochet making dying an inevitability, and paints the arena in blood and guts by the end of the round.

The game has 5 games modes, but they can be grouped into Deathmatch modes, and Soccer modes.

The Deathmatch modes are simple, you play as one random character up against up to three other players in arenas that range from a construction yard, a backyard with a toxic pool, or a nice home interior. You always start with a shotgun but you’d be picking up weapon spawns such as a sniper rifle, or an assault rifle regularly, and you are equipped with one of three powerups you select at the game start; dash, invisibility, or shield. Your goal is to obviously get the highest kill counts while avoiding the enemy bullets as well as your own ricocheting back at you.

Deathmatch and Last Man Standing sees you duking it out in an arena

The second mode group are the creative Soccer modes, think Rocket League but with shotguns instead of cars; and possibly opponent heads as opposed to a soccer ball. You need to be the highest scoring team by the end of the match, and you can only move the ball by shooting it, and in another soccer mode the ball is replaced by heads of your vanquished opponents. This mode is so much fun, and definitely my favorite, and the game never shy away from poking fun such as making one of the soccer arenas; a parking lot of a very famous Scandinavian furniture store, with cars driving in and out of the lot that could run you over.

Ole !

Of course you could always mix things up by playing Party mode, which plays a series of game modes with accumulating score, to be crowned the winner of all modes eventually, and is just one more excuse for inviting over friends and passing around joycons and having some friendly violent fun.

The nipple rubbing is a bit uncalled for …

The game’s atmosphere is just perfect, from the face melting heavy metal music in the background, to the grotesque yet cartoonish blood and gore, to the tongue in cheek fun the game pokes at locations, and the winning animations, i seriously loved every silly bit of mindless fun at this flawless title.

Environment is pretty detailed, kudos to the devs

I rate this game a 10/10, and would recommend it to all readers, its the game i never knew i wanted, but now cant stop playing.

The game is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox one, and Steam. Developed by talented people at Sakari Games, special thanks for the review code.

Download Trailer Trashers at the Nintendo eShop here

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