Slayin 2

Slayin 2 is a pixel-art, fast-paced arcade action game. although the action isnt really in your direct control and is based more on movement.

Basically. you control a character. and you attack the enemy by running into them. moving left or right in a closed space. there are two lanes of each space. and the enemies will just keep spawning nonstop until you have killed enough. And then a boss will appear. once you fill your gauge you can unleash a normal, more traditional “attack”. as you kill enemies. they will drop coins, power-ups. and many others.

Each bosses seems to have its own moveset. one that you have to learn to beat them.

The game can be a bit repetitive. but the variety of enemies and the different characters gives a good replayability on these. Not to mention almost each stage has hidden secrets that can unlock new characters or hidden stages. which mean you have to keep replaying and grinding stages to find them. And in later stages the screen will be filled with massive numbers of enemies, coins, item drops, and the likes. it’s really fun trying to keep killing monsters to fill and chain kill combos, the more combos you do. the better the item drops will be.

The pixel art is beautiful. from the character CG to pixels on the screen. the animation is fast and fluid. the music is simple and very enjoyable. and so far i haven’t seen any bugs or problem with my game. not even any slowdown anywhere.

You can play up to two player in a couch co-op. Whether it’s in the Story mode. or the Arcade mode. which is basically just endless gameplay to see how far can you go with one life.

This game is extremely fun, and really worth your money. it get an easy 8/10 from me.

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