By Don Robbins

Turmoil for the Nintendo Switch is a game that with gameplay that I didn’t find user-friendly and didn’t leave me “gushing” with excitement.

This is a single-player simulation game based on an 1800s oil rush in North America. Players vie with rivals to become successful oil barons. Along the way, they can make money digging up and selling oil, while making the town grow. Players can control different characters, both male and female, with their own back stories.

The game has several modes, including the Campaign story. It does feature a tutorial, which I would have preferred to have been more in depth, as I found it not very intuitive and frustrating.  After multiple replays I succeeded in planting my rig and struck oil. Piling up debt by taking out loans from the bank is easier than navigating the process of obtaining divining rods and oil rigs. The Heat is On DLC is also included with this game.

The art style of Turmoil is a highlight of the game, and its folksy, Western themed imagery provided me with some smiles. On the other hand, the music is a bit “twangy” and repetitive which became a bit annoying after a while. Luckily, it can be adjusted in the game’s settings.

Although I don’t recommend Turmoil, those who are sim fans may find some satisfaction within it. I give Turmoil a score of 4 out of 10.

Thank you to Publisher Playdigious and Developer Gamious for the review code.

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