Get 10 Quest

From a visual standpoint, the numbers-based puzzle game Get 10 Quest for the Nintendo Switch looks quite plain and doesn’t stand out much. The look of Get 10 Quest features a simple layout with basic graphics and music.

If you are a massive fan of this genre, the game may hold some appeal to you. However, even on mobile phones, I have played more rewarding and exciting titles within the category of puzzle games.  

There are two ways that you can move your tiles in Get 10 Quest, either by tapping on the touchscreen, or by using the left analog stick and pressing the A button. I found tapping on the screen to be a much more accurate and satisfying way to play, as the cursor tended to wander a bit when using the stick.

When it comes to gameplay, there are two types of modes to chose from, “Levels” and “Endless.” As you play through the Levels portion, the game requires you to think strategically with quickly increasing difficulty. You’ll soon be scratching your head with challenging sections such as clearing all numbers on the screen except for one. Replay value here is high, because a player can become addicted to figuring out the correct series of moves to accomplish your goals. Each new challenge must be successfully completed to progress through the game, as higher levels are locked at the beginning of the game.

Personally, I much preferred the game’s Endless mode since it is a more relaxing way to chase your high score and rack up points.

After all is said and done, Get 10 Quest receives a score of 5.8 out of 10 on the “fun-o-meter.”

Thank you to Publisher Fantastico Studio for the review code.

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