Colloc is a family friendly puzzle game. Developed by Pazolab Studio and published on the switch by NoobO Games, it will keep you entertained while possibly teaching younger ones basic math too!

There isn’t too much to the story, it’s your typical “gotta save the world!”, it’s the gameplay on this puzzler that trully shines instead.

The Collocs use their own energy to restore color back to their planet! The catch is they can only split in equal amounts of energy so if your polloc has 4 energy for example you can’t restore a tile that needs 1 energy since 4-1=3 and 3 can’t be split equally after. If the polloc had 3 energy instead then it would be possible like this: 3-1=2.

After you clear all levels in the first two worlds the game will unlock every world for you, a very apreciated move. The puzzles themselves only get harder and more complex as any good puzzler game should and Colloc does not fall behind keeping them both fun and challenging. Plus if you are skilled and complete them all in the least amount of turns then a new tower level will be unlocked, unlock them all for a nice little surprize!

Another thing I noticed while playing is that sometimes they walk more than I wanted them to when I’m holding the stick in one direction so better be carefull with that. Would be great if we could just use the directional pad for more precission and It is possible to play with touchscreen controls but I don’t recomend it.

About the music, keeps you focused and has a nice beat to it you can relax when you want to just stare and admire how cute the Collocs are while you think on your best move but also has tracks that makes you feel the tension, the uncertainty if they will even survive the adventure on the most dangerous worlds!

I am estimating between 15h to 20h of gameplay with Colloc depending on how fast you are with puzzles, very much worth it for it’s price and if you enjoy the puzzle genre I highly recommend it.

Thank you very much to both developers at Pazolab Studio and NoobO Games for making this review possible!










  • Good puzzles


  • Controls

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