The Innsmouth Case

To start this off let me just say I loved the design of the game and how it opens with the book cover is really satisfying to me.

For those who don’t read much or just avoid reading entirely I can’t recommend this one to you as you most likely won’t enjoy it. However, if you like reading novels or books with some comedy, suspense and a few thrills with multiple endings to discover…!

Keep on reading.

The Innsmouth Case is like a visual novel or a kind of text adventure type of game, you got multiple choices that walk you into one of the 20+ possible endings. Most of them won’t let you reach your goal but I highly recommend you try them all and experience the creepiness about Innmouth!

The story starts pretty simple and slow paced in order to introduce you to the protagonist and his office. A lady… I think… will knock on your door and ask for your help in locating her daughter. This will take you to Innsmouth where you will meet many wierd people…? I honestly don’t know if they are even human anymore… *shivers*

I enjoyed this game much more than I expected after noticing it was a horror type of story which I tend to avoid. Also in that regard, I do feel it could have been much more scary than it was! And more immersive especially if the developers added more sound effects in some specific scenes. Overall it is still a solid adventure with moments that will make you hesitate in terror of what’s going to happen next.

Very Good!

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  1. Nice review as always


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